Baby Update – Month Three


Oh my gosh. A whole three months has passed by so quickly and our little baby has grown up so much! We explored a lot of “firsts” this month and although it makes me sad to see him getting so big, it also brings me so much joy to watch him learn and experience new things. He’s on his way to becoming a little man! This month he:

  • learned to smile at us – cutest smile I have ever seen!!
  • follows our voices
  • loves to copy us sticking out our tongues
  • starting to giggle and find his voice
  • stands up in his bouncer with great neck strength
  • began sleeping 8-10 hours through the night (no sleep training needed!)
  • transitioned to his temporary big boy bed, the pack n play while we wait for our furniture, like a pro!
  • puts himself to sleep for nighttime and naps
  • had his first pool experience and loved it!
  • got his first mini haircut
  • loves cuddling in the mornings and watching videos with mommy and daddy
  • the happiest little baby, only cries when he’s hungry!

Happy three months, little Landon! We love you!


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