Love you mom.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mamas out there!

This is the first Mothers’ Day I haven’t been able to physically be with my mom but thank goodness for FaceTime! Here are some of the things my mom has taught me that I appreciate so so much:

  • How to be strong 
    — I mean she did raise FIVE children with different interests and personalities.
  • How to grocery shop and cook
    — I always loved assisting my mom in the kitchen, eventually stealing her recipes to make for my husband. It was some of the most fun to learn the skills I have now (even more fun when she calls me asking for cooking advice haha).
  • How to dress (fashion do’s and don’ts)
    — I would say my mom and I have an extremely similar fashion sense, and wearing the same size clothing and shoes really helped growing up.
  • How to plan trips + take advantage of situations
    — My mom and I have taken so many trips together which is so much fun! She knows all the secrets of planning trips to save money but still be able to see as much as possible. If you have the opportunity to travel somewhere, take it because the chance might not be there for long. She really is my favorite travel buddy.
  • How to be an incredible mother (when the time comes)
    — Even with having five kids, she always made separate time for all of us. Went to our soccer games, track meets, school plays, horseback riding events, all of it. She’s an awesome support. And also knew how to deal with each of our different personalities. Those motherly instincts are a real thing.
  • How to be encouraging
    — She never told us to quit but also never forced us into anything we didn’t want to do. We got to choose our own sports, instruments, or school events which was great.
  • How to decorate
    — My decorating skills definitely came from my mom. Dark wood furniture, lots of pictures and paintings on the walls, and the start of my international collection. When we moved overseas, I wasn’t thinking of starting some big collection but my mom mentioned that keychains, like her magnets, would not be difficult to move around. So I start collecting keychains from each place we visited and soon enough my collection grew! Our houses are definitely giving off similar vibes.
  • How to stand out in a crowd (never blending in)
    — Anyone that has met my mom would say that she doesn’t care about fitting into a crowd. When I was younger this was always embarrassing (everyone has been embarrassed by their parents before) but as I grew up I learned to appreciate the fact that she doesn’t care about being different. There is only one you so you shouldn’t waste time becoming someone else. This is one of my favorite things that my mom has taught me over the years – and I have only just learned to appreciate it.
    I can honestly say that my mom is my best friend, and anyone who has hung out with the two of us would agree. We are close like, and look like, sisters (as told to us by literally everyone) and I wouldn’t change it for everything. I really did grow up having a cool mom. So thank you mom for being my best friend, favorite travel buddy, and a hilarious person to talk to whenever I need a laugh. I love you!

xo your favorite child 😉

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