Double Digits to Due Date!

Wow. To think that in less than 100 days my little boy is scheduled to make his appearance into the world (unless he’s stubborn like his daddy and takes longer) is crazy! Time has flown by way too quickly during this pregnancy and as ready as I am to meet my baby, I will definitely miss having him all to myself and feeling those tiny movements throughout the day.

Once you hit double digits, things become REAL and the race to have everything on your checklist completed begins. Registry done? Nursery set up? It seems like there is so much to do and so little time to get it all done. I am a list person so having everything written down is a great way to keep me sane and to make sure I don’t miss anything. Let’s be real, no one is ever really ready to have a baby but there are many things you can do to become as prepared as possible. Here are some things I’ve done:

  1. Talk to family/friends about their experiences: what products they bought and actually used, packing your hospital bag, newborn feeding and sleeping schedules to have some ideas, recommended books to read prior to baby coming, etc.
  2. Research products. As far as bigger baby purchases go (strollers, carseats, bouncers, cribs) it is important to do your own research and compare different brands to find what will work best for your family. Reading reviews and talking to others who have used those products is the easiest way to find the best fit.
  3. Complete baby registry. Honestly, working on our registry has been one of my favorite things so far. Just looking at all the adorable baby items gets me more and more excited to meet my little man. It has also been pretty easy for me to complete because I was able to get advice from other moms on which items they liked/disliked the most.
  4. Decorate the nursery. Now this has to be the most exciting part for any parents-to-be. Choosing colors and themes and watching your vision come to life sends the imagination running wild of what it will be like for your little one to be there. Our nursery will be an ongoing process since we will be moving shortly after the baby comes but it is still one of my favorite rooms to be in. I find myself constantly staring at his little outfits or looking up new ideas and inspiration on Pinterest.
  5. Plan a baby shower. Have a specific theme in mind? Create a Pinterest board of shower inspiration ideas to share with the host. Obviously this is not a requirement or something that everyone does, but it is a fun way to celebrate your little bundle of joy with family and friends.
  6. Prepare our hospital bags. This is something I have researched so many times by reading other blog posts, watching Youtube videos, googling checklists. Every person has a different birth experience but it is good to look up some examples to give you a bit of an idea of the products you may want to have with you in the hospital. Once our hospital bags are packed, I’ll be sure to do a post on it.
  7. Communicate with partner/spouse. Now that the countdown is officially in the double digits, it is important to make sure you take the time to see how your partner is processing this fact. It is most likely hitting your spouse harder than before – everything will seem like it’s happening so fast.
    A few things we’ve done to help ease the anxiety are to brainstorm baby names, go shopping for outfits, daydream about exciting family outings we’ll take, and take advantage of the time left with just the two of us. Going from a pair of two to a family of three can be scary but having a little human that we both created will only bring us closer together.

These next few weeks are going to fly by and the excitement is only increasing. We have many more items to complete but with every check mark we get closer to meeting our little boy!


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