Baby Update – Month Two

Two months with our sweet baby boy has come and gone…time is really flying by so quickly. I love watching him grow more and more each day but I wish I could just slow down time and cherish these moments with him still so tiny. Landon is growing so much and it seems like we learn something new about him every day. This month he:

  • rolls over front to back
  • responds to sounds, especially loud noises
  • starting to follow people with his eyes
  • still eats like a champ!
  • gained FOUR pounds between his 2-week and 2-month appointments
  • sleeps 6-8 hours a night
  • sits in his chair, listening to the sounds around him + holds his head up
  • finally outgrew newborn sizes + fits into 0-3 month clothing
  • has discovered his hands + moves them around constantly
  • LOVES being in the car (went on his first road trip up to our new home + was so good!)
  • had his first bath in his big boy tub – bath time is his FAVORITE!
  • smiles in his sleep
  • no longer likes being swaddled, he needs his arms by his head
  • loves sitting in his swing or bouncer
  • ceiling fans always capture his attention
  • enjoys being held by everyone (good thing because he has a big family)
  • hardly ever cries, only when he’s hungry
  • gets a kick out of peeing on his parents right after the diaper comes off
  • loves daily walks + being outside
  • makes the most adorable baby coos

We love this little boy more than anything. It’s so much fun to see his personality shining through!


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