Meet our newest family member: Koda

Omg is this real life?! I really get to take him home?!

Koda Escaros: Born August 1, 2017

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of getting a blue-eyed Siberian husky. Three weeks ago, my husband allowed me to make that dream a reality and it’s safe to say that I am STILL freaking out!

It was just a normal Thursday and I was out running errands and I decided on a whim to go into a pet shop (Pet Warehouse in Jacksonville, NC). The only reason I went into this shop was because the sign in the front, the one that lists which breeds of dogs are in, didn’t say anything about huskies. I thought this was a safe visit since huskies are my weakness, so I walked in thinking “there’s no way I’m leaving with a dog.” Boy was I wrong. As I made my way to the back the first puppy I saw was my sweet boy. He just stared at me and I thought “this is it, this puppy is coming home with me.” I stood in front of the window for half an hour, struggling on whether or not to play with him because I knew there was no going back after that.

So after having an internal debate with myself, I requested to play with him and he was the most perfect puppy I have ever seen; two ice-blue eyes and the cutest seven freckles on his face. I was instantly in love. We played for about 20 minutes before he fell asleep on my lap (cue the heart eyes) and the lady came to collect him. I was texting my husband who is on ship the entire time I was in the store but before I got an answer, I asked the store to put him on a one-hour hold. During this period, no one could play with him and I was able to go out and buy any necessities I would need. While in the parking lot of the PetsMart, my husband sent me a text saying I could go ahead and bring the newest addition of our family home! YAY!

After buying his bed, crate, toys, bathroom pads, shampoo, treats and puppy food, I went back across the street to collect my new puppy. I walked in and the amount of people must have tripled because it looked like Black Friday shoppers in front of the window and two thirds of them were staring at my boy who has a sign on his crate that said “I’m on hold, I hope they come back for me!” Well I did!

Now here we are, three weeks later and Koda is finally house and crate trained. In a few days he will receive his last set of vaccinations and can enjoy being around other puppies! Whoo hoo for puppy play dates! As much as I am loving having this boy around, I cannot wait to see the bond my husband and him share together! Daily photos will have to do for now until our favorite guy comes home!


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