Beating the Distance: The Transition

About Damn Time –

Anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship knows the wonderful feeling of finally beating the distance. I am so so incredibly happy to say that after 3 years (or 1,092 days or 152 weeks) Elton and I have beaten the continental-divided distance and are now together FOREVER! There were so many people who doubted our relationship and who told us this would never work but we fought against the odds and kicked it in the ass!

The Transition –

When you spend your entire relationship apart, only seeing each other every few months, you create routines to make it work. You stay up really late or wake up in the middle of the night for phone calls, you constantly watch the clock to see when they wake up to catch a quick text before they head into work, and you both also have your own plans to keep you sane. This all changes when the distance ends. I get to start and end each day with my husband right by my side. We have been able to go shopping for our new home together instead of sending messages with ideas and links. Instead of checking my messages late at night when I’m lonely, I get to roll over and kiss him. Instead of eating out to avoid over-buying groceries, I get to cook homemade meals. Instead of constantly checking my phone for a text or a call, I just look to my left and he’s there. It’s like we fell into a different dimension. We actually get to do these things together? Seriously?

Finally being together still doesn’t feel real, even after three weeks. We both keep thinking we have to say goodbye again (which is inevitable in the Marine Corps) but for now we are together and don’t have to be separated for a good while. We are both so excited to start this next chapter in our lives. I keep repeating to myself: do I really get a chance to live with my husband? Knowing that I can finally answer that question with “yes” is the most amazing feeling in the world!

There are so many missed holidays and date nights to make up for but right now we are enjoying just being with each other. We are currently on a road trip from California to North Carolina and it is a very fun adventure! We will finally have our first home together at the end of the week and we are completely overjoyed at that thought. We haven’t been in the same place together for longer than ten days in the past three years. Crazy right?

Long distance has definitely taught us to never take any time together for granted and that is something we plan to always keep in mind. Time is a precious thing so make sure to tell those close to you that you love them and always remember that if it won’t matter in ten years, don’t spend more than ten minutes fighting about it. Being together for good will take some getting used to but I will love and enjoy every single moment of it! Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged us over the years, we appreciate you all more than you know!

XO Emili

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