Baby Shower

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, a baby shower was definitely on my list of to-dos. I was looking forward to the chance to celebrate this sweet little boy of mine with my closest friends and family. My mom and sisters planned the cutest, intimate baby shower for us this weekend and it was exactly what I wanted – one big family bonding over great food, the cutest decorations, and the most fun baby games.

Themed Food

Let’s talk about the food/desserts first. My little sister is a MASTER when it comes to baking and being creative in the kitchen; she could definitely win some trophies with her creations.

First things first, I have been craving fruit this entire pregnancy so it was only right to have a fruit salad for me to snack on and she shaped the watermelon like a baby stroller! Then on top of that, she made a cake and cupcakes and topped them with the most adorable fondant animals (since our theme was animal kingdom). She made everything all by herself!!! 

IMG_4927 2


IMG_4931 2

Shower Games

Guess What’s In The Bag: put 7 items in a bag and have everyone take turns feeling around (without looking) and guess what items you felt. Whoever has the highest amount of guesses wins!

Price Is Right: guessing the price of a certain number of items, without going over the actual price, and closest guess to actual price wins.

Guess the Baby Food Flavor: Grab unique baby food flavors and take off the labels then have your guests each take a spoonful and try to guess the flavor combinations. Side note: there are some very odd combinations out there.

Quickest Makeshift Diaper Challenge: grab a partner and a roll of toilet paper – one person is the model and the other must try to successfully make a diaper on their partner. The rules are the whole roll needs to be used and the diaper must be able to stay on its own! This is definitely the funniest game to watch people play.

My husband and I are so grateful for the outpour of love for our little boy – he has no idea how loved and special he is already! Less than 50 days until his due date and we are so excited to share him with the world!!

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