We’ve Expanded – Meet Juno!

Juno Escaros
Born: October 9, 2017
Adopted: January 20, 2018

Saturday, January 20th started out like a normal day, we dropped Koda off at the groomers for his appointment then did a little shopping. There wasn’t even a thought in our minds that we’d be adopting another dog that afternoon.

Every Saturday in front of PetsMart, there is an organization called Ruby’s Misfits that brings their adoptable dogs out so they can find their forever homes. We arrived early to pick up Koda so we decided to just stop and look at the pups available and we saw our sweet boy curled up in a ball at the corner of his crate right up front; it was instant love. After laying our eyes on him we didn’t even bother looking at the others, instead we stood in front of his crate like we were guarding him until one of the volunteers allowed us to hold him. He immediately put his head on my shoulder and stopped shaking once I picked him up. My husband looked at me with a face that said “crap we have to bring him home now” and that was that. We let the volunteers know and filled out the application, all while others came up to his crate to ask if he was taken – sorry, he sure is.

We let them finish reviewing our paperwork while we went to pick Koda up from his appointment and bought a crate, bed, food bowls, and toys for our newest family member. Once the purchases were loaded in the car, we went back to get Juno (previously named Kipp, later named by my sister) and take our first family picture – obviously Koda was wondering who the new intruder was haha. During the car ride home my husband had to sit in the back with Juno on his lap since the poor boy wouldn’t stop shaking and Koda sat on the opposite side of the bench just staring. He’s definitely a jealous little thing.

The first day at his new home was pretty rough with Koda trying to stick Juno’s whole head into his mouth (he thinks we brought him a live chew toy). After getting the hang of the house and where everything went, Juno started to calm down and become more comfortable. Luckily for us, he already knew how to sit on command and not to go to the bathroom on the floors. Since we live in an apartment with no doggy park, we have a potty tray with pee pads in the house for the times it’s an emergency and we can’t walk them outside and the very first time he had to go potty in the house he walked right over to the tray. I guess when they say having one dog teach the other works, they weren’t lying. The boys are definitely learning from one another and are now the best of friends which certainly helps us!

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