2019 Goals

Happy 2019!

Another year has come and gone, too fast. But with every year comes new goals that I set for myself and 2019 will definitely be one for the books – welcoming our sweet baby boy into the world, navigating motherhood while learning to balance self love + care, another move to a new place/house.


  • learn to better balance self love + my responsibilities as a wife, mother, friend.
  • less stress + worry over the tiniest things, especially when our baby gets here – cut myself some slack, always remember I’m doing the best I can.
  • expand my creativity in both writing + photography – put more love towards this blog.
  • the most important goal I have set is to work to be the best mom possible for my little bean – I won’t be perfect but I’ll give it my everything.

I hope you are all able to accomplish everything you set your mind towards this year and strive to make it your best year yet!


xo Emili




One thought on “2019 Goals

  1. I love you so much Emili and am so proud of you…. Love your heart!! ❤️
    So thrilled to do life with you and your family…… near and far!! Xoxoxo


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