Weekend in Savannah

A couple weeks ago when my family was here to visit, we all decided to take a couple days off and drive down to Savannah, Georgia to explore. It was insanely hot and humid, duh July, but such a beautiful little city with so much to see! My mom included many tours, with the help of viator.com (definitely check them out – we have used them stateside and overseas, so worth it), which allowed us to see much more of the city than wandering around ourselves.

The first day we arrived, we had a historical walking tour of the city. It was very informative and we were able to visit 6 out of the 22 squares in a two-hour period, I definitely don’t think we would have hit that many that quickly without it. Our tour guide was so great and did his best to explain as many historical facts as possible. I recommend taking a walking tour of new cities because you can see so much more in a shorter period of time and it’s an easier way to learn your way around the city.

The next day we went to walk around the well-known Bonaventure cemetery. Generally cemeteries really freak me out but there was something much less eery and almost beautiful about this place. People are able to just walk around on their own terms but we decided to go with a tour guide to actually learn about some of the well-known people people that are buried there and it was very interesting.

cemetery-1.jpgCemetery 2

After touring the cemetery and meeting up with an old friend we knew back in Sri Lanka, we decided to go to the famous Wormsloe street, used in the “Run Forest, Run” scene of Forest Gump. It was probably the most amazing street I’ve ever been on!

Forest 4Forest 3Forest 1

To top off our day out, we stopped by the famous Leopold’s Ice Cream Shop. After standing in a line that was out the door for about 20 minutes, we finally got to taste the ice cream and it was definitely worth the wait! If you are ever in Savannah, this place is a must!


IcecreamIcecream 1

The highlight of our trip was the dinner cruise we took that night. It was some great food, a great excuse to dress up, and some amazing views up and down the river. We were definitely in for a surprise when a newlywed couple and their families boarded the boat with us! Let’s just say we had a great time crashing the dance floor. It was the perfect end to such a fun trip!

Boat Ride 7Boat Ride 2Boat Ride 3Boat Ride 10

Boat Ride 6


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