Pregnancy Self Care

Happy week THIRTY ONE to me and my little bean!

Less than ten weeks until we welcome our baby boy into the world and now the excitement (and anxiety) is starting to really increase! Lately my days have been focused on researching products and stories to help us become more prepared but it has also been filled with little baby kicks, hiccups, uncomfortable sleep, emotional rollercoasters, and a great deal to be thankful for.

I want this blog to be honest and open about the ups and downs through my journey because no one has a perfect life, we are all fighting our own battles. When my belly first started showing a lot, I would get dressed as quickly as possible because I didn’t want to stare at this unfamiliar body in the mirror. I still struggle daily to find outfits that can compliment my baby bump in a way that makes me want to take pictures and linger a little while longer when I see my reflection. 

Even though self care and accepting the changes my body is going through has been a challenge, I’m slowly learning to love and accept the fact that my body needs to change in order to grow my healthy baby and that is such a magical thing. Making sure I take the time each week to care for myself, both physically and mentally, has helped me so much over the past few months.

Every one handles things differently but I just wanted to share what has helped me through those days where I struggle, with the hope that it may help someone else out there too. 


With the emotional rollercoasters that come and go throughout pregnancy, it is so easy for things to build up. “I don’t want it to come out as complaining.” “What if they don’t  understand what I’m going through.” Those thoughts have crossed my mind a few times but I quickly learned that holding it in will only make you feel worse.

My mom is my go-to whenever I have a question or need advice about my pregnancy. My friends are always there with words of encouragement whenever I need it most. And my husband has given me so much support throughout this whole journey, giving me the boost I needed during the times I felt at my lowest. I am so thankful for everyone who has been such a great support system for my husband, myself, and our little boy. 


One thing I did that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for pregnant women is a maternity boudoir photoshoot. When I started looking into this photography style, I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable enough in my new body to take this leap but it turned out to be the best decision ever!! I seriously could not be happier with how the pictures turned out and with the photographer I chose (Jacksonville, NC friends check her out here). This honestly gave me such a boost in confidence and my journey of loving my new body with all it has accomplished so far.



Skincare/pamper sessions have been my new favorite thing to do. It’s amazing how spending a few minutes to focus on myself has given me the boost I need to get me through the tougher days of pregnancy.


As important as it is to find the right products that work for your skin and body, it’s even more important to start from the inside out – DRINK THAT WATER! Let me tell you, I have never been a big fan of drinking water, and it is still a struggle some days, but it blows me away how great I feel once I’ve hit my recommended daily 96oz.

One of my goals this year was to be more environmentally friendly so I’ve been looking to use more reusable straws and bottles. Here are the metal straws I use – go check them out and help the planet while you’re at it!

Skin Products

I usually have very sensitive skin so finding products that actually work for me without drying or making me break out was difficult. Thankfully, this pregnancy has actually helped my skin and I have had very little breakouts

OLAY Daily Facial Wipes : removes dirt, oil and makeup; exfoliates to remove impurities and conditions skin – used twice daily.

OLAY Mask Clay Stick : three different clay sticks depending on your skin; pore detox to deep clean skin, fresh reset to brighten tired looking skin, glow boost to give uneven skin a natural glow – used after cleansing face in the morning and before makeup.

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream – used twice daily after face wash routine. 

EcoLips Brown Sugar Lip Scrub – used each morning. 

Vaseline Lip Therapy  : moisturizes lips and gives a pink tint – used throughout the day as needed.

Bella B Tummy Honey Butter – used twice daily to prevent stretch marks. 

Hair Products

Not Your Mothers Thickening Hair Lifter Spray – this pregnancy has helped my hair grow and become healthier so this product just gives it a little extra boost; used on damp hair then styled as usual.


Hands down the easiest way to bring my spirits up is to prep for my baby’s arrival. Decorating his room, shopping for clothes, organizing and reorganizing – the nesting is getting real. My go-to stores for baby clothes have been Target, Buy Buy Baby, Carters, and Amazon but I am always looking for small businesses to shop from so leave a comment below with your favorite shops for baby clothes! 


A quote I definitely keep in mind is “comparison is a thief of joy.” It can be so easy to look at someone and compare yourself and your pregnancy to them but we shouldn’t. Every body that has grown or is growing a little life is beautiful. All bodies and pregnancies are different but they are all amazing!

Even through my hard days, my pregnancy has taught me just how strong I am and how incredible my body is for growing a healthy little boy! It may not always be easy, but every single change is so so worth it. 

xo Emili

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