Pregnancy Q&A

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today I am finally posting this pregnancy Q&A that I received questions for a couple weeks back. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions since announcing my pregnancy:

“Was your pregnancy planned?”

Yes, this pregnancy was something my husband and I had discussed and we were (and still are) so excited to add to our family!

“How long did it take for you to get pregnant?”

We were trying for just a couple months before conceiving but we weren’t crazy about ovulation tracking. Our mindset was “if it happens quickly, that’s wonderful.” Ultimately we decided to let nature take its course.

“Will you announce the name you pick?”

My husband and I have talked about this many times and we both agreed to choose two full names (first and middle) for our baby then choose once the baby is born. A name we really love may not be the name that best fits our child so we’ll see which works better after the birth.

“Do you know what you’re having?”

One more week and we’ll find out the gender! Right now my sister knows what we’re having which is killing us but we’ll know in just a few more days! I will upload a post with pictures and the gender after the reveal!

“How far along are you?”

As of today, I’m 19 weeks and 3 days! Baby is the size of an artichoke and after seeing our first 4D ultrasound, it looks like our little bean is growing right on track! So excited for our anatomy scan this week to confirm.

“Do you want a boy or a girl more?”

We’d be happy with either, of course, but I have been leaning towards wanting a boy first. I grew up close to my two brothers and something in my heart makes me feel like I was always meant to be a boy mom. But having my own little mini-me would be so fun too!

“How many kids do you want and how far apart will they be?”

We both want two kids right now. Who knows, maybe we’ll decide we want more later down the line. Ideally our kids would be apart 18 months-2 years apart. My brothers and I are all 18 months and it was nice growing up close, but even nicer that we’re all still close as adults.

“Have you had any strange pregnancy cravings?”

My cravings haven’t been too strange…yet. But this baby does wants me to keep eating Taco Bell tacos which I have actively avoided my entire life, so for me that is weird. I have also been craving fruit 24/7; more specifically pineapple and watermelon which are not currently in season so that is definitely frustrating.

“Will you be posting ‘bumpdate’ pictures?”

I haven’t posted any typical “bumpdate” pictures because I would like to keep most of my pregnancy, including progress pictures, more private and just for myself and my family. But I plan to post more regular update blog posts on here so if you’d like to keep up, make sure to subscribe for notifications!

That’s all for this Q&A – thanks for tuning in!

xo Emili

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