He or She – Old Wives Tales and Personal Thoughts

Only one week until we find out what our little bean is and to say we’re excited is a huge understatement. Not knowing is the hardest thing ever!! All we want to do is start buying all the baby clothes. To prepare for our gender reveal with family and friends, we decided to do some old wives tales. Now I know these aren’t accurate but it was something fun to fill out while we wait and wonder if we’ll soon be adding a little boy or little girl to our family.


List one is clearly siding with boy and the second list is a close call. I have had multiple dreams and feelings of our baby being both a girl and a boy and with this being my first child, I’m not sure how to “just know” what it might be.

In every ultrasound and checkup we’ve had so far, the doctors all have said that this little baby has a very strong little heart. That definitely puts this mama at ease to know that our baby’s heart is beating strongly away. So in the heart rate category, baby E is definitely over 140bpm which is leaning towards boy.

So far my pregnancy has been pretty easy and laidback; I guess I can be classified as lucky in that sense. No morning sickness the whole pregnancy and no sickness at all really, thankfully. The main thing I’ve been struggling with is that my energy level has been very low lately and just getting dressed for the day can be difficult. Headaches have been hitting full force the past few weeks but nothing too terrible. My skin has honestly never looked better in my life and some people have told me that when you’re having a girl they tend to steal your beauty while boys help your skin look amazing! Thinking back to that I sometimes feel more like we could be having a boy – ONE MORE WEEK.

My cravings have been anything healthy: fruits, salads, veggies and I want them all day every day. I literally want nothing to do with sweets AT ALL. Before I got pregnant I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth anyways but I rarely said no to a milkshake or donuts and now, I cringe at the thought of eating anything sugary. Is that weird for a pregnant lady? It is helping my weight gain to not spike at rocket speed…can I get a hallelujah?! Taco Bell, Checkers fries, and mustard seem life changing now. The funny thing is my husband has actually had more cravings than me, but really I think it’s just an excuse for him to eat whatever he wants.

While we wait for the longest week of our lives to pass, I’ll be over here not-so-calmly browsing through cute baby clothes and brainstorming how to decorate our little beans nursery!

Tune in next week for the big reveal!


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