10 Things

Hey guys! I’m still alive, I promise! I thought I would just hop on here and do a “10 things” post for you. Things have been a bit quiet in our house the last week or so but I’m hoping to get back into the blogging/creative groove soon!

  1. I am the oldest of five children and have two brothers and two sisters. My family is the most important thing in the world to me.
  2. If I had to choose between staying in the States or moving back overseas, I would choose overseas in a heartbeat! I love my country and where I’m from but there’s just something about being immersed in different cultures that calls out to me. There is a smaller sense of urgency and a more laid-back lifestyle PLUS in most European cities you don’t even need a car to get around because there is so much within walking distance or the use of cheap public transportation around every corner. If you ever get the chance to explore other countries – DO IT!
  3. I have been getting bad anxiety thinking about how I have not been on an airplane since last July. Is that weird? I’m sure this is unusual for most people but I practically spent 8 years of my life in airports and on planes, traveling every few months. I can’t wait for my upcoming trip in a couple weeks because the travel bug is strong!
  4. Speaking of upcoming trip, Elton and I have been planning our one-year anniversary trip and the excitement is REAL! I can’t believe it has already been a whole year of marriage! There are a few related blog posts to be expected as the special day approaches so stay tuned for those 🙂
  5. Spaghetti squash has been one of my favorite go-to dinner ingredients to experiment with and I. Am. Obsessed. My husband has been on a low-carb diet lately and, if y’all know me, I have an extremely difficult time sticking with that one so as an alternate I go to spaghetti squash and it is delish! (I still need to have some actual pasta dishes once in a while or I get cranky but this is a start!)
  6. I recently discovered an amazing website, Romwe, that has super cute clothes/swimsuits for cheaper than you would find on other sites – definitely recommend. I’m so excited to rock some adorable pieces on my upcoming trip!
  7. My favorite tv shows to watch and quote are Friends and Psych. I have seen both series 30+ times and may be guilting of inserting one or two quotes into any conversation I have…granted it is more fun when others catch onto these quotes so shoutout to all the fans out there!
  8. Proud dog mom time: dropped the pups off at doggy daycare yesterday and got back their report card which stated that they were so great and had a ton of fun playing with other pups and trainers! Our husky, Koda, is very quiet around other dogs so I’m happy that he is branching out and overcoming his shyness!
  9. Speaking of the pups, I am actually super excited to move into a house this summer so they can finally have a yard to play in! Plus, new house with more room means I need more house decor and I won’t say no to that!
  10. Does anyone else feel that their daily mood is reflected off of the weather outside? It has been gloomy here in Jacksonville lately which has left me in a funk but I am so looking forward to the sunshine and having my energy boosted again.

That’s all with the little facts but I promise to get back into the groove with uploading in the coming weeks!


xo Emili

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