Escaros Household: Simple Christmas Decor

Happy December!! Anyone else freaking out at the fact that 2017 is almost over?! I still can’t believe how quickly this year flew by but so so excited about spending the holidays with my husband!

I am a strong believer that the Christmas tree shouldn’t be put up until after Thanksgiving (because that is my all-time favorite holiday – food, duh). So the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we put up our artificial tree. We chose to not get a real tree this year because we were gifted a beautiful artificial tree and also because we didn’t have a chance to go to a tree farm since my husband left the following Sunday.

Our tree ornaments were a simple color scheme of silver, gold and light green and since we’re living the wonderful Marine Corps life, the bright red USMC ornament got to be front and center. We didn’t feel like going the super traditional route with an angel at the top of the tree so after a full day spent at Target, we chose a very unique snowflake that projects little snowflakes on the ceiling. It’s honestly my favorite part of the tree.

Tree w Koda

Our small display case will soon house the Christmas village we started collecting overseas as soon as it comes in the mail, so for now we have our stockings (one for each of us, including the pup) on simple silver hooks all from At Home, silver and gold glittered pinecones in the clear glass jars from Michaels, an amazing smelling Bath & Body Works candle in their Christmas snowflake stand, and three pretty accent trees from Target with string lights wrapped all around to make our own cutesy winter wonderland.

My little snowman friend (also from Target), who I’ve named Fred, sits up on our tv stand and I snagged this adorable Christmas basket from Michaels that can either hold blankets or in this case, Koda’s toys – peep the little tree toy that his is current favorite.

Decorative pillows and blankets are a major weakness of mine so I picked up those two red patterned and the gold Christmas tree pillows from At Home (for only $30!) and the “Let It Snow” pillow from Marshalls. The red plaid throw blanket was a Black Friday steal at only $5 from Belk and the grey one came with our bedroom set.

Our columns are one of my favorite features of this place, so many opportunities for adorable decorations. So we have red and green tinsel with some twinkling lights wrapped around each column.

The bar has tinsel strung underneath and a mini Christmas tree with little present-shaped candy bowls, as well as a cute little cliche sign that I picked up from Michaels.

My pride and joy is this little holiday bouquet I created with supplies from my second home, Michaels; I swear I could live in that store and be happy. The household color theme is red, silver, white and gold so I picked up some glitter flower stems and pinecones, a clay pot, some white paint, and a styrofoam ball to hold the flower stems in place. My vision came together with a big, red ribbon tied in front and voila, a beautiful and festive centerpiece!

I can guarantee more decorations will be added as the month goes by but this is how our cute little home has come together so far! Until next time.

xo Emili

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