DIY 4th Of July Photoshoot

Ahead of this Independence Day, I want to share the DIY prop table I made to take some festive photos of my son. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for supporting local photographers and professional photoshoots…but I’m also a first-time mom who wants all the adorable photos I can get during every single holiday without breaking the bank each month.

Here is my cheap guide to make your own prop table for super adorable 4th of July photos.

  1. Check your local Dollar Tree.  People often tend to overlook Dollar Tree and head straight to larger stores but this is seriously one of my favorite places to get holiday decorations. And the best part is everything is only one dollar!
  2. Grab some two dollar fireworks from Walmart, a highchair or seat for your cute babe, and a small table then you’re good to go!


    It’s really that easy and makes for the most adorable holiday keepsakes!


xo Emili


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