Pregnancy Truths + False Assumptions

Hello week 24! This pregnancy is flying by at a crazy fast speed and I just know the next few months will be a giant whirlwind. Since I first got pregnant, there were so many people telling me about certain symptoms they had during pregnancy, some good and some scary. So I’ve decided to write about my experience thus far, along with some false assumptions I thought about pregnancy based on what I heard.

I have been so lucky to make it this far into my pregnancy with no morning sickness and very little nausea. My cravings have mainly been for fruits and veggies (I do not want anything to do with desserts at all) so that has helped keep my weight gain at a healthier level.

Eating for Two – False!

Now people always say “when you’re pregnant, you eat for two to keep you and baby healthy.” And that thought scared me because I already ate a lot. Two lunches and two dinners – my stomach would explode. Upon actually talking to my doctors and doing some research, I learned that you only need increase your caloric intake by a little bit and as long as you are getting all the needed/recommended nutrients, you and your little bean will stay healthy.

Pregnancy Fatigue – True!

One of the biggest things I’ve learned during this pregnancy is to sleep whenever your body tells you to. Sleep doesn’t just disappear after you have your baby – it’s gone before he/she makes their arrival. I have cried more times during this pregnancy than I have in the past few years, and quite a few of those times have been a result of fatigue. My body is always sore and even on the nights when I’m able to get some sleep, I wake up more exhausted than the night before. I try to push myself to stay up until at least 9pm when we put the dogs to bed but most nights staying up past 8pm is a huge struggle. My sweet husband has reassured me that it’s okay when I’m feeling tired and sore because my body is growing a human, our little baby boy.

Your Baby’s First Kicks Will Feel Like Gas – True!

So true! The very first time our son kicked I thought that’s what it was but didn’t know for sure because it was extremely faint and felt like a little gas bubble. The next week we had our gender reveal ultrasound where we could see the kicks as we felt it and that really helped us both differentiate between kicks and gas. But knowing that we had missed out on a whole week of baby kicks was so hard, thankfully he kicks me like crazy now to make up for that lost time.

Disappearing Energy – True!

Oh boy, this is a hard one to get through. In my first trimester I felt good with a similar energy level to pre-pregnancy, then slowly began losing energy as I moved closer into the second trimester. The first few weeks of this trimester were so so hard to even get the energy to change out of my sweatpants – let alone leave the house to run errands. Thankfully after entering week 22 my energy level increased back up to a 9/10 and I have been able to work through my giant checklist.

Everyone’s Pregnancy is Different – Most Important Truth!

One woman’s pregnancy journey could be the exact opposite of what yours will be so don’t compare and expect what happened to someone you know to happen to you. Comparing yourself to someone else is an unhealthy way to go about this amazing journey.

I am thankful every single day to be able to carry this healthy, little boy. He has already changed our world and these next couple months need to hurry up so we can finally kiss his little face!

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