Road-trip Essentials for Traveling with a Puppy

Long road trips can be tedious, especially if you aren’t prepared. My husband and I recently went on a 10-hr road trip from North Carolina to Alabama with our four month old puppy and we were very much dreading the long drive. It’s hard enough to make sure you both have everything you need for a week-long trip but adding a puppy to the mix only makes it that more stressful. Koda (our puppy) is definitely not the biggest fan of car rides so in addition to packing his essential items, we wanted to find a few things to bring along that would help his car anxiety and we had some AMAZING finds.  I have linked and described a few of our future “puppy necessities” below:

  1. Dog Backseat Hammock – This is not only perfect for covering and protecting your back seats but it also comes with a leash that buckles in, preventing the puppy from jumping around while still allowing them to roam and play with their toys.
  2. Travel Water Bottle – This device got this dog mama much more excited than the puppy haha. It is spill proof and allows you to control how much water is released, and any extra water can be drained back into the bottle. The included filter blocks any hair or saliva from going into the remaining water. An absolute lifesaver for long road trips!
  3. Collapsable Travel Food Bowl – We decided to buy one of these for long drives that pass through his feeding times because it can be used on the go. The bowl is large enough to fit 2 cups of food and has ridges that help to prevent spills. This combined with the travel water bottle definitely made feeding time a ton easier!
  4. Treats – Even dogs need road snacks sometimes, just make sure to not overfill them otherwise your stops will have to increase. We chose to bring along the treats we use as a positive reinforcer when training Koda at home (Cesar: filet mignon) as well as his Dentastix treats that he receives once a day; these are some of his favorites and they help with healthy gums.
  5. Bed & Pillow with a favorite toy – In the case of our dog, his favorite toy is the teddy bear we got him the day he was brought home and he never goes anywhere without it. Anyone else have dogs that are overprotective of or sleep with one specific toy??
  6. Toys – Puppies that are teething should definitely grab one of the rubber teething bones with ridges because they can entertain and keep your pup quiet for a long time.

Koda did so so well on this trip, and when he wasn’t sleeping he just stared out the window. I feel like the hammock helped him overcome his fear of the car and made this trip much easier for both my husband and myself. If you have a puppy or a dog that enjoys bouncing around the car, get yourself a doggy car hammock – you won’t be disappointed.

xo Emili




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