Baby Update – Month One

Can someone please tell me how our baby boy is already a month old?! Time really is a thief. This has been the most wonderful, rewarding and difficult month but I can’t imagine life without this little boy.

Landon was born almost a month early, which came with some challenges, but our sweet boy has been such a trooper through it all and we are learning and growing every day. This month he:

  • LOVES cuddling with mom + dad
  • rolled over at 9 days old
  • has the strongest little legs + arms
  • enjoys lounging in his bouncer
  • is starting to lift + hold his head for longer periods of time
  • falls asleep in his carseat
  • starting to adapt to his daily routine
  • his favorite place to sit +stare is his boppy pillow
  • his favorite time is bath time (falls asleep while getting his hair washed)
  • can still fit into newborn clothes but is finally gaining weight
  • eats like a CHAMP
  • loves seeing his own reflection
  • has the most impressive head of hair that is growing so quickly (he rocks the fauxhawk)
  • is not a fan of being naked + cold
  • does not like sleeping while flat on his back
  • loves being swaddled + wrapped in blankets
  • reacts to loud noises
  • makes the most adorable facial expressions while laying down

I am soaking up all the baby cuddles since he is growing way too quickly. Mamas, take advantage of this time because they won’t stay tiny forever.



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