First Snow of 2018 + Koda’s First Experience Ever

The first mega snowstorm of 2018 has hit North Carolina and my family has mixed feelings about it; I have never been a fan of the snow, while my husband absolutely loves it and now, our puppy Koda loves it! We decided to wake up early and take him outside to experience the snow for the first time and our little family snow day was a success!

The wind was so crazy last night that we had snow right outside of our front door, and we’re on the third floor of our apartment building. Koda bounded down the stairs as fast as he could and ran straight into the pile of snow waiting for him at the bottom. We let him loose in the small dog park we have on the compound and he just played away! A few other dogs came in to join him and, before we knew it, we were outside for an hour! Elton and Koda had a blast enjoying the first snow day and if the snow sticks around, it definitely won’t be the last snow playtime!

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