One-Year Anniversary Compatibility Test

Hey lovelies!

Elton and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary last Monday so we thought it would be fun to see how much we really know about each other! 

  1. Where was our first date?
    Emili’s Answer: At the pool but our first dinner date was at a fancy hotel Thai restaurant.
    Elton’s Answer: The Embassy Community center pool.
  2. Where did we go for our first getaway together?
    Emili’s Answer: Over Valentines weekend 2014, we went to a beach resort in Bentota, Sri Lanka.
    Elton’s Answer: Bentota, Sri Lanka.
  3. How many people were present at our wedding?
    Emili’s Answer: In addition to both of us, we had my two best friends as witnesses, our ordained minister, and two others from Elton’s work (so 7 total).
    Elton’s Answer: 5 guests + us = 7 total.
  4. Where did we have our wedding lunch/dinner?
    Emili’s Answer: NU sushi in Jacksonville, NC.
    Elton’s Answer: The NU sushi.
  5. What was the last restaurant we ate at? 
    Emili’s Answer: Chili’s
    Elton’s Answer: Chili’s
  6. When were each of our fur babies born?
    Emili’s Answer: Koda was born on Aug 1 / Juno was born Oct 9
    Elton’s Answer: Aug 1 for Koda / Oct 1, no 4, no wait 9th for Juno!
  7. How many kids do we both want? 
    Emili’s Answer: Two.
    Elton’s Answer: Two.
  8. What was the first movie we ever went to together?
    Emili’s Answer: We saw Frozen with my family when it first came out
    Elton’s Answer: Frozen.
  9. How many schools has Emili attended in her lifetime?
    Emili’s Answer: Two Elementary schools, one middle school, four high schools, and college (8).
    Elton’s Answer: 7? Two grade schools, two middle schools, three high schools.
    ~ In his defense, we’ve only ever sorta talked about this but his guess was pretty close!~
  10. What is Emili’s Starbucks coffee order? 
    Emili’s Answer: Venti or Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato (depends on my mood)
    Elton’s Answer: Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato
  11. How many countries have we each visited? (Only counts if you have left the airport)
    Emili’s Answer: I have visited 23 / Elton has visited 14
    Elton’s Answer: I have visited 14 / You have been to 23 but I can only name 16
    ~Props for babe for knowing the number!~
  12. What is Elton’s favorite tv show? 
    Emili’s Answer: My Name Is Earl/HIMYM
    Elton’s Answer: How I Met Your Mother
  13. What is our favorite alcoholic drink? 
    Emili’s Answer: Mine is Jack & coke / Elton’s favorite liquor is Jaeger or Jack and favorite beer is Bud Light Platinum but he can drink anything
    Elton’s Answer: Jack & Coke for both but I can drink anything
  14. What is Elton’s favorite clothing brand?
    Emili’s Answer: LRG for shirts and Nike for shoes
    Elton’s Answer: LRG/Nike
  15. How many states have we visited together? 
    Emili’s Answer: 12
    Elton’s Answer: 12

I think we know quite a lot about each other, almost five years together will do that! My advice for anyone? Take some time to get to really know one another and marry your best friend!

xo Emili

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