Dollar Tree Easter Basket Ideas

I’m sure I can speak for most people when I say the last few weeks have been a bit crazy. I hope that you all are staying safe, practicing good hand washing, and learning to make the best of this kinda crappy situation!

Due to this pandemic, my plans of ordering a bunch of cute things for Landon’s Easter basket went out the window, since shipping on many items would be delayed. So I thought to myself about where else I could go that would be a one stop, super quick trip and have everything I could need and it hit me: Dollar Tree. Everything is a dollar and they actually have some cool things for every season! I was in and out in less than 10 minutes and got enough things to put together a decent basket for my one-year old, who won’t remember this anyway but oh well.

1. Plastic Cup with Straw
Landon is always wanting to take sips out of my straw cups so I thought it would be really cute for him to have his own. He is working on getting better when it comes to his straw sippy cup so hopefully this will be a hit!

2. Bubbles
Since we have been spending more time outside, I wanted to get things that would keep him occupied while we watch the dogs play and bubbles are the perfect thing for summer.

3. Egg-shaped Chalk
I always loved chalk so I’m not sure who this is more for! But this is something that lasts a long time so for now I will be the one drawing while he looks on and soon enough he will be able to join me in creating his own little masterpieces!

4. Basketball
He loves to play with the dog toys and smiles when we throw the ball to play fetch so instead of constantly trying to steal it from the dogs, he can have his own!

5. Easter Bunny
Landon definitely does not need more stuffed animals but I just couldn’t resist!

6. Animal-themed Easter Eggs
The most simple reason behind this is because our son is only 1 and doesn’t quite understand the concept of an egg hunt right now so normal eggs wouldn’t be that interesting. I know he will be so EGGcited to see all the animal faces on these!

7. Carrot Harvest Toy – the only thing I ordered on Amazon for him.
Whenever I order toys for Landon, I try to mainly focus on ones that will help teach a new skill. So carrots, Easter and learning all in one?! Yes please! This toy has carrots of different widths so they can match each size to the correct hole. Right now he will probably be more intrigued by the green leaves but hopefully we’ll get the hang of it soon!

I hope this gives you some last minute, quick trip ideas so you aren’t worried about delayed packages or spending too much time in a store. Remember to wash your hands and stay safe! Things will go back to normal quickly if we all do our part. Happy Easter!

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