What My Son Eats In A Day

If you know my son, then you know he can eat A LOT. Ever since we first began our journey with solids, he always ate “above the recommended norm” for his age. I always knew I wanted to try baby-led weaning early on but I also decided to feed him some purees first to get a taste of the flavors before moving to other solids. We first fed him purees starting at five months old (after discussing with his doctor) and we began with flavors like bananas, apples, prunes, peas and sweet potato. At six months old, after he got his first two teeth, we began starting the baby-led weaning process. My plan was to feed him the solid versions of the purees he had already tried since he was familiar with those flavors and we stuck with a new flavor every three days, to rule out allergies.

This is the baby food chart I followed, but as always consult with your child’s doctor first!

Landon has been on a fully solid diet (with bottles between meals) for a few months now and hasn’t had any problems with any food thus far, thankfully. The hardest part of working three solid meals into his day was moving around his bottle times. Babies over six months old usually take 8oz every 4-5 waking hours and by the time Landon moved up to three solid meals he was at a total of 26oz of formula a day. We were lucky enough to have him completely wean himself off two full bottles and he is now at 10oz a day along with three big meals. This is what our schedule currently looks like (differs for every baby, this is just what works best for us):

7:00 Wake Up
7:15 Breakfast
9:00 Bottle – 5oz
12:00 Lunch
3:00 Snack
5:15 Dinner
7:00 Bottle – 5oz
7:30 Bedtime

When Landon was first starting to eat actual meals, I always made sure they were as well-rounded as possible so he was getting the nutrients he needed to grow and stay healthy. I have two baby cookbooks that I love to look through for inspiration and I will have those linked here and here.

Sundays are my baby meal prep days where I prep easy breakfasts or dinners. Some of my favorite things to bulk prep are egg muffins, oatmeal bars, or just regular pancakes, pretty much anything that I can customize and change up every time.

Lunch in our house is usually a sandwich or wrap of some sort with fruits and veggies, or he just eats half of whatever I’m eating! Our favorite snacks throughout the day are cut fruit and veggies, fruit pouches (GoGo Squeeze, Gerber, Happy Tot), or Crunchies

Dinners are where it was tricky at first, since he was still trying out many new flavor combinations. Simple baked chicken is a staple in his dinners since it is so easy to customize with different seasonings (I usually do only a bit of seasoning on his so it isn’t overpowering). Pairing chicken with a veggie and grain or tossing it all together in a casserole are the easiest meals to make on those days where I don’t feel like getting super creative. 

Landon is at the age where he can basically eat whatever we’re eating, or a slightly modified version, which makes dinnertime much easier but I have always enjoyed cooking and getting creative so it has been fun change to cook for my growing boy these past few months. Hopefully some of these ideas can inspire you to mix things up and get those creative juices flowing!

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