2020 Phrase of the Year

A new year AND the start of a new decade…that is so crazy!!!

Each year I try to pick out a word or a phrase that will set the tone for what I want to improve on or how I want the year to revolve around. Last year my word was “balance” and it was my goal to learn how to balance life as a new mom and as a wife, while still remembering to take some time for myself. Although I am still navigating this, I have learned a lot from the start of last year.

I had to think long about what I want to accomplish during the first year of this new decade and what I want my phrase to be and I have landed on “be more.”

Be more… kind to strangers.
Be more… patient as a mother.
Be more… understanding as a wife.
Be more… involved as a sister.
Be more… thankful as a daughter.
Be more… present as a friend.
Be more… loving to myself.

My main goal is to make these points a priority every day and to become an overall better person. 2019 was one of my favorite years ever and I am so excited for what 2020 can bring!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all reach any goals you set and have a great, successful year!

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