Six Month Baby Update

Happy Monday, everyone! As I’m writing this, I am fighting back tears at the fact that our sweet baby boy is already SIX months old. How has half a year gone by so quickly?! Oh goodness, I can’t even imagine how much of a mess I will be on his first birthday.

I know I have said this before but we really are so blessed with the most chill, happy baby. He loves his car rides, bathtime, sleeping, and eating and we just got so lucky. This month he:

  • continues to sleep 10-12 hours a night on his tummy
  • absolutely loved every flavor puree we have tried so far but sweet potatoes and peas seemed to be his favorites
  • bounces like crazy in his Jolly Jumper + makes himself laugh while jumping
  • has so much fun being in his carrier
  • lifts his bib over his face to play peek-a-boo + laughs when you find him
  • all toys immediately go into his mouth
  • gives monster kisses + slobbers
  • wants to constantly take his socks off + eat his feet
  • still practicing sitting up unassisted but getting better each day
  • can scoot assisted + starting to push himself up on his knees so maybe crawling isn’t too far away?!
  • has TWO bottom teeth that have broken through
  • loves our daily walks outside
  • sits up in his bathtub to play + splash with his bath toys
  • still learning new textures + skills during sensory projects
  • the lion king soundtrack is on replay everyday because it is his absolute favorite + he doesn’t go anywhere without his simba!
  • is still the happiest baby + smiles at everyone he sees

Six months have gone by so quickly and Landon has hit so many milestones already and I am excited to watch him continue to grow and learn so many new things. Now I’m going to cuddle my little babe and smother him with kisses before he can start telling me no.

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